*** NOTE: Kaffeeklatsch is closed, and is no longer accepting submissions ***

It is worth noting that we prefer our criticism poetic, our poetry critical, and our images of resolution 300dpi or higher. Anything you think fits in to any or all of these categories will be looked at if sent to us at [NOPE WE’RE CLOSED], or


Please submit no more than 6 pieces of poetry, no more than 6 images, or a preliminary piece of non-fiction not exceeding 2000 words.



Although the best way of gauging what kind of thing we’re likely to publish is looking at the magazine, you may also be interested to know that we really do like poetry that shows a novel awareness of the relationship between content and form (in its widest sense: everything from sentence-length to frequency of repetition to authorial intrusion). This is, we know, far from a definitive position, but it should show that we are open to – indeed, determined for – the whole range of styles and forms, and the subject-matter and content only stylistic and formal innovation can create. It’s worth noting that this interest in form has inspired a fascination in what has been called ‘prose-poety’; essentially, poetry without linebreaks. We’re happy to define poetry as any text in which decisions such as the presence of linebreaks or notcontributes to the meaning of the text. For a clearer idea of our conception of poetry, please see our manifesto.

We’re also particularly interested in what can be called translation, but might more accurately be discussed in terms of versions of poems from other languages. We believe whole avenues of meaning can be accessed by examining the relationship between the ideas, language, form, content, narration, and structure of two poems linked by a process of ‘translation’. We therefore encourage submissions of translations (including, ideally, the poem in its original language and, if possible, a short description of the ideas which underwrote the ‘translation’ process in each occasion).

Additionally, Kaffeeklatsch is always looking for creative-non-fiction, particular for essays and reviews, concerned with poetry. As above, buying the magazine will give you the clearest idea of what kind of piece we’re likely to publish, but, in short, Kaffeeklatsch will publish writing which displays a direct and passionate (and thus personal) engagement with the poetry in question, and which expresses itself with perhaps more freedom of creativity than non-fiction might usually allow itself.

We hope to maintain some sort of continuity within each publication, so if we don’t select your work, it may not be because we don’t like it, but more that it doesn’t fit in with the issue. We will endeavour to reply to everyone who submits explaining our choices and, if we feel we can, with critical feedback.